Saturday, June 28, 2014

Updates to the Parlor

A while ago, I went through the parlor and did some serious re-arranging.  Despite having quite definite ideas of the way I wanted this room to feel, I've always struggled with this room. Compared to the real-life rooms I've been inspired by, my miniature parlor is somewhat small and quite narrow, with tiny windows, while the off-centered fireplace makes many furniture arrangements look unbalanced. The mint green chair will not be staying that color, and may not be staying at all. I'd really love an overstuffed green velvet chair there instead, but I don't think there's quite enough room for the style I have in mind.
My next big project in this room will be the curtains. I've been saving a photo of the ones I want for at least a decade- the only problem is finding a similar looking brocade in miniature! I plan to make the curtains somewhat larger than the window, in order to cover up as little of the glass as possible.

There's a bay window nook on the door of the house. This space has changed frequently over the years. As I began to think about how I would curtain this space, I realized that the space is really far too small for both curtains and any of the furniture I'd filled it with in the past.  Instead, I plan to build an elaborate terrarium.  The small terrarium in the photo above was a trial, to get a feel for the construction process. I built the frame from styrene (plastic) rods, ornamented with more plastic pieces. The "glass" is clear plastic, coated with glass paints.

I also made a few additions to the room itself. The smaller, off-white pillow on the sofa is my first finished piece of miniature petite point! I used a free pattern from Open House Miniatures, and worked it on 45 count linen.  To be honest, I wasn't planning to make a pillow, particularly not on the bulky linen. I just wanted to whether petite point was possible on the linen, and it somehow grew into stitching the whole pillow! I've since started a new project on silk  gauze and find it so much easier!
  The table is (I think) made of resin, by John Hodgeson. Mom made the fern years ago for my music room. The figurine is made by Goebel, as is the chair (one of a pair.) The Goebel chairs had the most awful seats, covered in  acid yellow flocking. I used a vintage silk tie to reupholster them.
Next to the fireplace, I've added my beloved little writing cabinet, painted by Rosemarie Torre. At the moment, it's sitting on a silly little table I made. You can  also see the finished bamboo overdoor at the top right.
I have this gorgeous little cloisonné vase up there now, and am looking for a suitable plate to go behind it.

Last but not least, I had a little fun with the photo editor, and made an "old" photograph of the room. That bare window sticks out like a sore thumb, but otherwise I think it's looking pretty realistic!