Monday, October 18, 2010

May I Have This Dance?

This little dance card is only 1/4th of an inch across. It has a tiny pencil on a tasseled string, and the front reads "Netherfield Dance", along with a date.
Inside, there are many spaces for handsome gentlemen to claim their dance!

You wouldn't believe the number of times I had to tie this string! Even with the reference photos right in front of me, I couldn't get the hang of it, lol. When I figured it out, I actually took the time to scribble out directons for myself. I'm usually a VERY lazy note taker, since I'm almost always able to muddle out the way I made something just by looking at it again. But in this case, I REALLY don't want to fuss with those threads any more than I have to, if I end up wanting to make more dance cards down the line.

Do you take notes on your projects?

Monday, October 11, 2010

Our First Miniature Show!

Mom and I spent Sunday on the other side of the sales table at the Stamford Plaza hotel in Stamford, Ct! We were so nervous, we spent all of Saturday fussing with last-minute details. We practiced so many mock table set ups, I think it only took ten minutes on the actual day! Mom brought dolls, and I brought a few paintings and paper things (books, dancing dolls, and a couple other bits and pieces) to split a six foot table.
Mom was so convinced she wasn't going to sell any of her dolls, she almost brought only a couple large gift boxes to the show to wrap dolls up. Luckily, I threw in a bunch more, because she only had four dolls left at the end of the show! The maid up above was a little hard to let go- we did a lot of the work together. Mom dressed her, of course (I can't make any garment more complex than a toga :) but while she was doing that I painted/distressed the table and matching stool, and we worked on the folded linens together at the kitchen table. She went to a good home though, as did all the others!
P.S. Our favorite porcelain doll parts all come from Ellen's World.