Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Lots of Catching Up

A lot has happened in the last two months, and this blog post is long overdue.  The most exciting thing to happen on the miniatures front was this:
Anne Smith's article about Mom and I appeared in the September issue of Miniature Collector!  We met Anne at the Philadelphia show last November. She tracked us down after the show and proposed the article.
The title of the article, "Two is Company and More," is a play on our business name, Two's Company Miniatures.  

The other big event was Mom's graduation. For the past three summers, she's been in an intense master's program to become a principal/school administrator.  This was my graduation gift to her. 
I used a man's slipper pattern kit (designed by Bobbie Schoonmaker) to get the basic slipper shape. Since Mom already had a finished pair of the kit slippers, she asked me to make a pair with foxes instead.  I charted the fox heads, then added hounds to the side.  Since I had Mom approve the design and colors, the slippers weren't really a surprise, but I did manage to surprise her that they were finished!

Last of all, I've started a new project. It's an offshoot of my little french shop project.  I'm trying to create a very different feel despite using similar techniques.

I'll post more about this project next time: this is just a sneak peek!