Saturday, February 25, 2012

Salt Cellar

I'm having trouble loading photographs on the temporary computer I am using, so tonight's intended post has been postponed... instead, I'll show this little salt cellar I made out of painted card. This was the third or fourth one I made, after a couple experiments painting them to look like blue and white delft and a rustic cream and brown which I thought might be appropriate for Mom's dollhouse. She ended up liking the delft box best though!
I'm trying to decide what to do with this red one. I'm quite pleased with it, but it doesn't really go in my kitchen. I also have an unfinished country larder in a roombox, which would be the perfect spot for it, except that the roombox has very little wallspace.
I'll try to get more photos up soon!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Checking In

I'm sorry for the unexpected break. I've been having computer trouble for a while, and I finally brought my laptop in for repairs last week. I'll update as I can, but it may be sporadic for a while. In the mean time, I've finished tidying my dollhouse, and changed quite a few things around. One thing that didn't change was the dollhouse in the playroom. It is absolutely enormous, and reminds me a little of the Tate Baby House from the V&A.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Whole Lot of Pink

I haven't posted anything about my actual dollhouse in ages. That's because it has been an absolute mess! This past weekend, I began tidying it up, though I skimped on the dusting. I've been interested in miniatures since I was five, but really got involved around age eleven. That's when I chose all the wallpapers which are in my dollhouse now. For the most part, I'm still pretty happy with the papers. The master bedroom however has been bothering me for several years. It is very, very pink.
After rearranging some of the furniture, I've made a decision. First of all, the billowing pink silk curtains (made by Mom many years ago) are going to be replaced. Secondly, the very lacy, pink and white bed which was my seven-year-old Christmas present is going to come out. I'm going to replace it with something in an appropriately Victorian dark wood, with minimal bedding. Hopefully, this will make the room look a little less fussy and a little more realistic.
This washstand was one of the pieces I moved around. Before, it was tucked in a dark corner, but now it's closer to the front of the house and much easier to see. I also added a chaise to the window area. It's been hanging out in the parlor downstairs, but I always thought it looked too crowded there. I'd always planned to reupholster it in green silk, but kept putting it off because I didn't love it in the parlor. I'm much happier with it in this room, but now I'm not sure what fabric I should use! I'm leaning towards a much darker shade, but I'm really not sure...
The books are readable ones which I purchased shortly before I began to make my own. The darker one is a book of remedies, and the other is about household management. The pillow is from a scrap of antique petite point.