Monday, June 15, 2009

Gold Paper Project and the Kitchen

I've been working on more micro watercolors and some other projects for the last few days, but nothing with much direction. I played around with an old corner cupboard and some gold embossed paper yesterday, trying to make it look like it had carvings. I'm in the process of painting out all the gold right now, and trying to figure out if I have a spot for it somewhere.

Here's a quick shot of my dollhouse kitchen. My mom loves miniature kitchens so she had a lot to say about everything that went in this room. The walls are covered in bead board below the plate rail. For some reason, family members who are not at all interested in miniatures like the plates, so many were gifts. A few of the molds came from my mother or grandmother's childhood dollhouse. I got to go through everything a couple of years ago, and it was really fun to see everything and hear the stories.

The orange thing on the back wall (between the window and hutch) is silly. I fell in love with a hand painted Natasha salt box at one of the local shops, when I was seven or eight. It was far too expensive for me, but I played around and made a (out of scale) mock-up out of index card and printed paper a few years later. I've thought about taking it out, or even replacing it with a better version, but I doubt I ever will.


  1. Love the cupboard and the kitchen!! That's awesome that your family gives you miniatures as gifts!!! Not quite sure how to get mine to start doing that.....

  2. Do not dare change the little salt box. You have wonderful goodies in your kitchen but your child creation is possibly the sweetest one.

  3. Eliza, that cabinet is stunning! I love it!

    The kitchen is wonderful . . . I love all the plates around the room!

    It looks awesome! Don't change a thing!

    I've left an AWARD for you on my blog! Please visit and pick it up.


  4. Fab Kitchen. How lovely that you have gifts from your family in there.
    Mini Hugs

  5. Very beautiful. I love the corner cupboard.