Sunday, June 7, 2009


I was tagged by Josje of A Beautiful World. The rules of this tag are: Name the person who tagged you, mention 6 things that you like and 6 people that you are tagging, leave them a note on their blogs. I'm only going to tag three people, I hope that's alright. I'd like to tag: Texas Belle at Myrtlewood Manor, Ara at Adams Family Mini Mansion and Clue: Murder at Bentley Manor and Sandra Morris at Tales from a Toymaker.

So here are six miniature things that I like, in no particular order.

1. Miniatures that really work. I'm fascinated by anything miniature that can really do whatever the real object is meant to do. This little silver sewing bird's beak opens and closes to hold fabric.

2.Miniatures made from unexpected materials. This bobbin lace making pillow was made from absolute "garbage". The pillow fabric is the lining from my first wallet. The bobbins were found in an old radio/alarm clock. They only needed to be clipped out.

3.Miniatures made by people I love. The bobbin lace pillow was made by my mom. Neither of us knows how to do bobbin lace, but I was fascinated with it so she made this for me. The lace "in progress" is actually purchased lace which she sat and picked apart!

4. Miniatures that mimic real-life things I love. The top picture is a miniature copy of Renoir's painting, Girls in the Meadow, painted by Josephine Meyer . My grandmother has always had two copies of this painting hanging in her living room, one painted by my great-grandmother, and the other by my aunt.
The second picture is of my miniature dresden ballerina from Gobel. Behind it is my real dresden figurine.

5. Books I have to have miniature versions of my favorite stories and poems. The book above is Tennyson's poem The Lady of Shallot. This is about 1/12th scale, but I also make larger miniature books of favorite poems (about 2" tall) to throw in my purse or pocket.

6.Hidden surprises. I like tiny things which aren't seen at first glance. It's just as much fun to discover the miniature bird's nest as it is to find the real one in the tree outside-maybe the miniature is even more fun.


  1. That's a beautiful list Eliza, I feel the same way about all of them. That little sewing bird is fab! I love sewing accessories.

  2. I've never heard of a sewing bird is gorgeous but what does it do ?

  3. My grandmother does wonderfull heirloom sewing, so I'm always drawn to sewing accesories.
    Tallulah~Belle, I'm pretty sure that they were used to help stretch out fabric so that hand sewing was easier. Sort of like using an embroidery hoop!