Monday, June 1, 2009

Cleaning Up

I've been scurrying around today, trying to organize my miniature workspace. This is usually a pretty big task, since I hoard all sorts of things which defy categorization. I've decided that I definitely need more storage (I do have more storage than this picture shows, but not too much more). Thank goodness I mostly make 1/144th scale now, since that only takes scraps of materials. I also really need to figure out an easy way to store various sized papers, since I'm usually in the middle of designing/putting together a few different printable projects. Between all the trial runs to check colors and fit, quite a few sheets accumulate!


  1. I am working on organization too right now! It is such a challenge in whatever scale! At least you can see your desk ... sometimes I struggle just for that! -ara

  2. Most of the time my desk is buried as well- this is after a quite a bit of pick up! My workspace is only really completely picked up for the holidays. Most of the time, I get partway through straightening up, and a supply give me an idea that I have to try right that minute...