Sunday, May 31, 2009

Details from Phoebe's room

Well, my brother had a wonderful time, and brought the camera home safe and sound, so here are a few more photos. This sewing basket is from Phoebe's room. My grandmother does all sorts of heirloom sewing, so I've gotten lots of miniature sewing things from her over the years, despite the fact that I can barely thread a needle! Many of the smaller items have gone into this basket. There are many spools of thread, some made by my mother while others were gifts. The pattern in the back (not particularly period, but oh well) was a printie I made years ago. I was probably around twelve at the time, and just figuring out how to use the computer to design miniatures.

I fell in love with this little cabinet, purchased from Eileen Godfrey Miniatures. It is signed Rosemarie Torre.
On another note, I'm getting really excited about the Sturbridge miniature show next week. My mom and I tend to go to the local shows a lot, so this will be a nice change.

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