Friday, May 29, 2009

Micro Cottage Project

I was going to share a few more photos of Phoebe's room, but my brother's prom is tonight, and in the rush to clear space on the camera, I deleted the photos. My brother took the camera with him, so I can't even take more. Oh well. Instead, here are some pictures of a recent micro (1/144th scale) project which I'm working on.

I built this little cottage from scratch. The base is 2 1/4 inches by 1 1/2, so the whole scene fits on the palm of my hand. I really like 1/144th scale, but I'm not fond of building structures, so this project was a bit different for me. I usually adapt pre-built containers into room boxes instead.
The roof in the picture below looks very shiny, but it isn't in real life. I'm slowly working on landscaping, and adding details to the outside. I think I'll add a few more rose bushes, and possibly a small tree or sundial.

I just added the bench, but I'm noticing it looks a bit large. I might have to cut it down or build another one.

Can you see the stained glass? My original idea was to do a whimsical cottage with a Gothic influence. My lackluster building skills meant that I had to scale back the design, which originally included all sorts of odd angles and possibly a turret or two. Then I started to actually build, and realized that while I could draw and calculate all those angles, actually cutting and gluing them was a big challenge. Maybe the next house I build can have the tower.
The interior is pretty bare still, as you can see. I aged the carpet before gluing it in, (there are worn spots, and stains) and the walls are a rather mouldy cream color. I'm planning to make comfortable but battered furniture to furnish this someday, but I'll wait until I'm really in the mood.

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  1. I think you have a great job on this little cottage. I especially love the landscaping.