Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Just realized that I've been showing pictures of Lottie's room without introducing Lottie. So here she is! I've no idea who made her, since I got her from a local shop before they closed a couple years ago. I couldn't resist her! Like most of the dolls in my dollhouse, she's named after a book character. She's named after Lottie from Frances Hodgsen Burnett's book, A Little Princess.

On another note, I figured I'd share these photos of my dollhouse, reproduced in 1/1728th scale. It's not an exact replica, because my 1/12th scale house is front opening, and this has an open back and only four rooms inside, but it's close enough for me.

It's made of paper. I designed the house pieces on the computer, printed them out and then assembled it with a little help from tacky glue and tweezers. The rooms all have different wallpapers!


  1. That is so beautiful! What an amazing tiny house.

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