Thursday, February 20, 2014

Details... The Little Shop part 5

 I've not had a lot of time recently to work on the shop, but I've managed to squeeze in a few little projects. The shop is really starting to look realistic, especially considering it's mostly made of foam core covered in cardboard!

I've added a couple dandelions out front.  I hand cut the leaves and calyx from painted coffee filter paper. The yellow flowers are simply mounds of glue covered in flocking. For the dandelions gone to seed, I used a clear bead covered in a fine layer of white flocking.

I made a second dandelion half hidden behind the boot scraper.  This one had a bit of wanderlust. I'd actually glued the plant down in another spot, and had to "dig" it back up when I realized it was nearly in the walkway.
I was considering adding some litter to the sidewalk. I went so far as to make cigarette butts, but I ultimately decided against them. I went to college with a lot of smokers, though I'm not one myself. This tattered old flyer is the only bit of litter that made it onto the shop.

I did add a few more washes of "dirt" to the sidewalk. I was pretty pleased with the sidewalk stones, but they were starting to look too clean and new amidst the rest of the scene.

I also finished the iron fence on the left side of the scene. I had a bit of a happy accident with the fence.  The iron paint dripped and formed rust stains on the stones. 

Last of all, did you spot the new addition to the rose bush? This little nest was an experiment that turned out even better than I'd hoped! Most of the miniature nests I've seen looked really fake.  A few weeks ago, I cut a handful of dead winter grass and spread it out over the radiator. Once it had dried out really well, I crumbled it up, and mixed in a drop of tacky glue. The grass and glue mixture formed a quick-drying clay, which was easily sculpted into a nest.


  1. Una verdadera maravilla, todos esos detalles hacen que la escena sea preciosa.
    Un abrazo.

  2. I love this project. It is looking fabulous. I like the extra little details like the dandelions and the next.

  3. Each detail you add makes it even better! Lovely! :D

  4. Hello Elizabeth,
    The storefront is becoming more beautiful every post. It is fantastic. Your ageing is just right. All the elements of the project work together so well. The weeds are great but I must say the nest...Bravo! It is gorgeous!
    Big hug,

  5. Hi Elizabeth! I love the dandelions and the boot scraper too! The roses look wonderful and the bird's nest with the tiny blue eggs is such a nice touch! This would be a shop that I would certainly like to visit in real life, if I was in the neighborhood! :))


  6. La adición de esos perfectos detalles son los que le dan un verdadero realismo!!!!!

  7. Wat een prachtige details. Ik vind je paardenbloemen erg leuk. Je project ziet er mooi uit.

    Groeten Xandra

  8. Oh I missed a couple of posts and had not seen this project yet. It is lovely! I really like all of the detail you're putting in there!

  9. It is so thoroughly nice. You must be a perfectionist, your details are so wonderful, I feel quite inspired.

  10. Es una maravilla, podría empezar a poner una fila de adjetivos y no terminaría, felicidades:-)

  11. This is a lovely little project and so easy to forget that it's just cardboard.

    The flyer on the wall is a great touch as are the little dandelions. I would never have thought to create them in that way!

  12. I love this little shop window project! I'm currently working on a little French shop of dolls too.....La Mignonette.
    It's still a work in progress but here's the link to my blog if you're interested :)
    I'm really looking forward to following how yours develops.....