Monday, April 7, 2014

A Stitch in Time...

 Inspired by her favorite miniature samplers made by Caren Garfen, Mom recently picked up some linen at the fabric shop. Though there were a couple different options, the one Mom eventually purchased had a nice even weave. Unfortunately, it only came in a bright white that has been surprisingly resistant to coffee "ageing.". While Mom was working on a more elaborate sampler, I snagged a bit of fabric to make a simple band sampler.
True to form, I just started stitching without a plan. The rows went quickly, since the patterns were simple and repetitive. Some rows were all half cross stitch, but for most I used a combination of stitches.

Above, you  can see the little sampler I did on the left. It has 45 stitches per inch.The "Charity" sampler is needlepoint, from this etsy shop, which Mom gave me for Christmas last year. The bottom sampler is by Caren Garfen, and has the tiniest stitches of the three.
I only really charted the last row.Mom requested I add the date of her cottage, and my initials. The rest of the designs were doodles in case I ran out of ideas!


  1. WoW Elizabeth! Your stitching is Beautiful! I love the simplicity of the color and the bands of regular stitches. Your other two needlework pieces are also Fabulous! I am glad that your mother requested that you sign and date your sampler for her cottage. That is always the
    Finishing Touch! :))


  2. I love the sampler you have made. I have always loved the old samplers, especially those in only one or two colours. I also love blackwork and have been thinking about having a go at some miniature blackwork. That is the nice thing about minis, being able to incorporate other crafts into our creations.

  3. I love your stitch work ,the little sampler on the bottom made me laugh (I think it should say hit the ones that annoy you in the head with a rock, but I annoy easily)


  4. Those are so lovely. I'm envious of how perfect your stitches are...mine wander around the fabric like a break dancing spider =0(

  5. I love your free hand sample! Have you tried to day in tea? This is what I do sometimes to make my stitching look antique. Mini hugs, Natalia

  6. that is a very nice detail, love the blue color too.
    What a great idea from your Mum, a date and initials make it even more personal!