Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Latest Project

I ordered a few of these 1/12 scale screeens unfinished from Matlock Miniatures awhile ago. They came last week, and I made this scrap screen from one of them. Scrap (decoupaged) screens were popular projects in Victorian times. I've never been able to find a miniature scrap screen that looked like the real ones, so I decided I had to make my own.All of the different images were individually cut out and pasted on top of each other. I've been finding, reducing and cutting out scrap (decoupage images) all winter, so the glueing only took a few hours. I tried to get a nice balance of colors and subjects. I left a few holes in the collage to let the rust colored backround peek through. None of the images are repeated.

Here is the screen in my house. Right now it's in Lottie's bedroom, but I may move it over to the playroom next door.

And this is my house. I've got two other houses, but this is the only one with a finished interior.