Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Micro Cottage Project and Other Things

Oh boy, it's been a while since I last updated! Everything started happening at once. My brother Peter just graduated high school! On top of celebrating that, and my cousin's middle school graduation, my mom's school year ended so we had to get her kindergarten classroom packed down ASAP (for the record, my dorm room didn't take nearly as long to pack up as it took to get her classroom safely stowed away). Then we had a family reunion, complete with six hour drive. Finally, the family computer kicked the bucket, so my laptop has been the only access to the Internet for the past few week or so... and of course Mom and Peter have needed to use my laptop to price shop for classroom supplies and college things respectively. I've been climbing the walls waiting for them to give my laptop back in "fifteen more minutes".
So I went back to work finishing up the interior of this micro cottage.
I added a basket made of thread and an open book to the bench outside, and I'm considering adding a small tree or birdbath still. I also touched up the roof.
Most of the work was done on the inside. There is a tiny easel in the corner with one of my micro watercolors, and another is framed on the wall. I still want to add a dog in the center, and maybe a few other little touches.

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