Monday, June 8, 2009

Back from the show

Mom and I got back from the miniatures show with a few finished treasures and lots of supplies. I mostly bought landscaping materials, which I've needed for my 1/144th scale projects mostly.

Mom bought lots of lace and trims...
and unfinished dolls from Ellen's World. This is my absolute favorite source for unfinished dolls, because she has so many to choose from, and I like the way that Ellen paints them (something I am VERY picky about).I only found one thing for my house, this tiny old plate from Lovely Things. It will go on my kitchen plate rail. The porcelain is so thin!
I found this little fellow at Ladybug's table, along with most of the landscaping supplies. I'll post the project I needed him for soon!

This was the last purchase. I've been looking at these little fairies in lipstick tubes for probably four or five years now, but I always passed it up thinking I'd try to make one on my own. Never got around to it, so I finally caved.
The tube has a very pretty cloisonne style flower, purple butterfly and the tiniest fairy. I love the colors- all pastel. In real life, it is very sparkly!


  1. Looks like your mother and you had a good time shopping at the show. The little monkey is just adorable!

  2. Sounds like you had fun.

    I love the little monkey :-)

  3. Wow, lots of wonderful things to play with!

    I love the lipstick fairy . . . it's so unique!

    Thanks for sharing!