Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Some Projects, News, and Advice Needed Please!

Mom and I had a great time at the show on Sunday, but we came back home exhausted. Yesterday was a bit crazy as well, since we had a new stove and dishwasher installed in our (real) kitchen! I only have a few quick photos of my recent projects.
I got a really good deal on this chair from Eileen Godfrey. It was an old Bespaq piece in overall good condition, but the white upholstery was no longer pristine. I pulled the chair apart and reupholstered it in silk from an outrageous zebra tie I found at the thrift store a few weeks ago.
 I've never tried an upholstery project more complex than a simple seat cushion, but this chair was surprisingly quick. While I had the chair apart, I also painted the frame black with gold accents. I have no idea what I'm going to do with it yet, but if I don't find a spot for it, Mom may use it for a doll.

 I've also wanted to try Paperclay for years, but never got around to it. So when I saw it for sale at Michael's, I snagged a package. I had a witch's workroom in a book shaped box which had been hanging around for a long time half finished. The witch room had been done in a hurry with horrible quality, so I stripped everything out and started over with paperclay. After the basic walls were dry, I wanted to add some details that would look like crumbling cast plaster. I glued in some crocheted lace around the top of the room, then mixed paperclay and water to a pudding consistency, and covered the lace until it blended with the wall. I'll include more about this box as I get further along in the project.
 Lastly, I have a really exciting time ahead. I'm going to the Guild School in a few weeks to make this. I've admired Nell Corkin's work for years, and am over the moon that I got in to the class. I've never been to the Guild School before, so I'm a bit nervous along with all the excitement. If any of you have advice about things to pack, things to do, or the best ways to bring supplies along (I'm flying there), I'd really appreciate it!


  1. El resultado de la silla es espectacular, quedo preciosa.

  2. Oh that is great, I am also going to Guild School for the first time. I am flying all the way from South Africa, so the tools is also a concern for me, I think I will just put all my files, knives etc in a roll-up fabric thingy and the rest in a small plastic container. Ask Barbara Davis for a lamp, everybody told me to do that. Oh and the chair looks great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!