Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Things to Do With an Extra Table

 One of the nice things about Mom and I both liking miniatures is that a lot of things get passed back and forth between the two of us. The white table below was originally supposed to be for one of mom's dolls. I distressed the table, and two matching chairs, for her. When the set was finished, however, the size and shape of the table just didn't quite work. Then mom stumbled across a slightly smaller rectangular table that was perfect for her project, and suddenly the round table was extra!
Looking at the beaten-up finish of the table, I suddenly pictured it in the home of an absent-minded scholar.  I'm getting to the end of the semester at college, so I guess piles of books are on my brain! I chopped off half the table foot, and propped it back up with a slim leather book. The brass lamp came from my mom's collection. I feel a little guilty about the lamp. It has the most fantastic patina- just the right amount of tarnish! I swear she gave it to me, I didn't steal it, but I also know she had plans for the lamp. I may end up giving it back. The little white vase has a few daisy-like flowers, most of which are dead! I made everything except the table, lamp, teacup, and vase.

 The stacks of books took longer than I was expecting. I added a few with silk covers to give variety. I'm still planning to add more piles when I get the chance.

 I already had the bottle of ink made. It looks very strange in the photograph above, it's actually only half full the way that the very first photo shows. I'm not sure if you can see it, but the pen has a tiny brass nib. Lastly, the dirty tea cup has left a few rings on the table! I made the rings a bit darker than I would normally, because the tabletop is so busy (I'm still planning to add more chaos). I wanted to make sure they would be seen. I also realized, looking at the placement of the teacup and the angle of the pen, my imaginary scholar is probably left-handed! I'm left-handed, so I tend to arrange things that way without realizing it. Oh well. At least the ink is on the right side. (P.S. I'm sorry, the pun was unavoidable.)


  1. Una mesa fantastica, con los detallitos de los anillos que deja la taza de cafe, me ha encantado.
    Seguro que si pones mas libros apilados quedaran genial.
    besitos ascension

  2. Your table scene is fantastic. I love the teacup rings on it.
    Hugs Maria

  3. This is a wonderful display, the tea cup rings are a really nice touch :)

    I'd love to know how you made the ink bottle.

  4. I know this comment is sort of late considering the date you posted this. But I only just found your blog and I'm looking through all of it...

    I absolutely LOVE how you snuck a book under the table's foot. Gosh, makes it so realistic! Like.. the table was wobbling. Can't have that! Just adorable! :D

    Thanks for sharing!!

    P.S. Nice name. ;)