Sunday, July 12, 2009

New House!

I always thought I'd be a one dollhouse person. But the summer before last, I found the Greenleaf WillowCrest and fell in love. The house was dusty and falling apart, and had been painted with vivid oranges and turquoise. It's been in the attic, gathering more dust since then, but now I've finally brought it down. I eventually plan to make it a girl's school in an alternate world where magic is quite ordinary....

I've repainted the orange exterior with creams and grey-browns. I was originally going to paint tromp l'oeil stonework all over, but decided that would be too busy.

The interior needed to be entirely repainted, but the stairs were a complete pain. I ended up having to paint some parts blindly, then peek through the windows to make sure I hadn't missed a spot.
This is the lantern for the entrance hall. The ceiling rose is an embossed medallion from a Christmas card. We've gotten some amazing embossed and laser cut cards over the years!


  1. Te quedará preciosa, es una casa muy bonita.

  2. Cool house!! I don't think I have seen this one before! Cool idea about the embossed cards - I would have never thought of that. I am so glad I keep cards! -ara

  3. What a beautiful house....looks forward to seeing it finished.

    I keep cards as well...for the same reason :-)


  4. I have an award for you on my blog!!

  5. Wow,that house looks amazing!!!
    I love the idea off an girls school with some magic....can not wait to see some more!

  6. Eliza, this is one of my favorite houses! Mine is a ballet school owned by "Madame Riaboushka"

    You're doing an awesome job and I'm looking forward to following your progress.

    When you have a chance please visit my blog . . . I've left an award for you!


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  8. Ooh, I love your house, I will now search your blog for updates. So much I hadn't seen before.

  9. What a beautiful house!!