Friday, September 4, 2009

Tiny Paper Houses

I've been working on a few tiny paper houses. I design them on the computer, often looking at antique dollhouses for inspiration.

This house was one of the first I created. It was loosely based on photographs of a Tri-ang dollhouse. The doors open to reveal four rooms.
This house was my attempt to make a miniature of my own dollhouse. I couldn't figure out how to make the upper porch though, so it's not quite accurate.
This is the interior of the copy of my house.
This is another tiny dollhouse based on an antique dollhouse. The interior has four rooms. The roof of this house is very difficult to put together.

I did not design this paper model, but I re-sized it quite a bit. I found the model at this website, and printed it out at about 5% the original size. It took me a few days to put together, since I had to take frequent breaks, and I lost at least half the dormers before they were safely glued!


  1. umm... WOW! Those are soo tiny! very nicely done!! -ara

  2. Be very afraid!! We will all want copies of our own doll houses...wouldn't that be wonderful!!
    You are amazing, I cannot begin to think how you do it!! I love them!!

  3. That... is impressive! What scale do you suppose that is? 1:1728? The smaller ones do look like they could fit into my 1:144 house. What sort of glue do you use?

  4. Thanks Ara!

    Linda, I'm always looking for new inspiration houses...

    Texas Belle, all the houses (except the last) were designed to be 1:144th scale dollhouses, but it took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out the mathematics. I went back and fixed the scale later, but only had photos of the too large versions. I use tacky glue, and there are a few step by step tutorials on the MicroMini Classroom Yahoo Group if you're interested.

  5. Eliza, if you ever feel the need to make a French inspired house, please feel free to use mine...I think it would look very cute that size!!