Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Two more scrap screens

Well, I never expected to be away from this blog for so long! It's been a crazy few weeks, but now that I'm back at school things should settle down. I have worked on a few miniatures in the interim , though I haven't done much more with the miniature school besides a bit of very dull shingling.
I dug out the extra unfinished screens I ordered for this scrap screen project,to make two more scrap screens.
For this screen, I used the dividing pieces which were included loose with the unfinished screen (from Matlock Miniatures) which I had left out on the first screen. I also added a narrow gold trim at the last minute, just before the varnish went on.

I'm really pleased with the way that the gold breaks up the black and helps define all the different panels..

After finishing the black screen, I wanted to try another screen with a dark background. I used a deep blue (though it is lighter than it appears in the photos below) for my third scrap screen. I left the dividing pieces out, and just left the screen with single panels. I went online and found 9 period illustrations (of Greek myths) which I glued in first. Then I surrounded the illustrations with the scrap. This was actually the most labor intensive screen of the three, since I had to use very tiny pieces of scrap in most areas or risk covering the large central images.

As with the first screen, all the individual pictures were hand cut. None of the images are repeated more than once on a screen, though I had to reuse some pictures on all three screens.


  1. The screens are lovely! You must have a very large collection of Victorian scrap pictures.
    Also love the school you acquired a while ago, very curious to see how that will turn out.

  2. I've been saving the pictures whenever I stumble across them. There are any number on flicker, webshots and other photo-sharing sites. I probobly won't do much work on the school for quite a while, since I'm living in a dorm for the next few months!