Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Tea Party

 I've been working on something a little different lately. This half scale table and chairs were bought for another project, but they ended up not working out. I decided to make a doll's tea party with the furniture instead. I added some decorative painting and distressing to the table and chairs. Adding seat cushions also really make a difference. I used my new favorite striped fabric on those. The teacups, teapot, and vase were all things I had tucked away in drawers.
I'm still working on the party attendants. The bear was an inexpensive, commercially made bear which I tried to make look a little older and better loved. The doll to the right of him is a molded polymer clay doll I made last week. Continuing clockwise, the next two are dolls borrowed from mom's collection. They aren't going to stay in the scene, but I wanted to see what it would look like with all the chairs full. The last baby doll to the right is another polymer clay doll I worked on yesterday. You can see she's almost slipping out of her chair. I'm thinking about gluing her to the chair, but I'm always a little nervous about making scenes so permanent.
 I'll post more about how I made everything later this week.

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  1. Love your tea party! When is the next show? Hope to see you there.