Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bits and Bobs

I often paint glass ornaments for my family as little Christmas gifts. I keep a box of ornaments in my workspace year round, so that I can work on them as I'm in the mood. Sometimes the ornaments break, and I always save the little brass cap. Last night I realized I had a lot of those caps saved up.
 They remind me of little crowns, so I started playing with some scraps of velvet and beads.This is what I came up with:
On an unrelated note, I'm trying out a new color scheme for the blog. Things still need to be tweaked, but please let me know if colors are hard to read on your screen!


  1. This is a great idea!!! I have lots of these caps to, thinking they will come in handy some day, but never know what to do with it????? Thank you for sharing your idea...I love it!!!


  2. I love that crown! You're probably going to make another for a fabulous doll - hint hint! LOL

  3. What a great idea! Love the crown!

  4. This is an awesome idea, looks really great!