Monday, April 18, 2011

A Magical Cabinet, and a New Tool

I didn't manage to get as many miniatures done as I'd hoped. However, Mom and I took a trip to a local dollhouse store together, and I found this little cabinet. I painted it black and lined the back and floor with bright red. Then I gathered up some "magical" items I've made. There's an aged book, a crystal ball with a mysterious dark figure inside, a few bottles (the one in front is actually red, but photographed orange for some reason) and various spooky papers. 
I'm planning to add a lot more to the cabinet interior and top. These are some other things I'm considering for the top of the cabinet. The wand was my first attempt at barley twist. I'll have to make a better one for the cabinet, but I have a soft spot for this one. The illuminated book has touches of gold.
I also played with a fairly new tool. This is a draw plate from Micro Mark. It has a series of successively smaller holes. You pull a dowel through the holes, and they are shaved down until they extremely thin.
Below, you can see the square piece I began with (about 1/16th" square) and the thin dowel I ended with. I discovered that this process does take a while, and I ended up losing a few inches of dowel as I broke the end trying to force it through the next hole. Still, I now have enough wood to make many miniature pencils. Someone with more skill than I have could probably use this tool to make a beautiful birdcage like one I have in Phoebe's room.


  1. Oh¡¡¡que original y bonito te ha quedado¡¡Felicidades por tu trabajo

  2. This is creative! I like your blog!...Daniel

  3. I really love your little red bottle in the box, plus your wand is just superb. Thanks for sharing the tool with us.

  4. This is wonderful and that wand IS amazing! I just love it!

    Michelle xx

  5. Todo el conjunto es precioso, pero me asombra la varita, como es posible??? felicidades y muchos besos.

  6. Great cabinet! The wand is terrific. Thanks for the tool advice. I've wondered how well that draw plate works. I look forward to seeing more of your wands!