Saturday, July 30, 2011

My Workspace

This cupboard started off as a slightly clunky but well made commercial piece. I tore off the thick upper doors, added trim to the shelves, and painted the cupboard. The decorative  painting is mostly done with dots and dashes. It's a good piece to put in a shadowy corner: from a distance, the cupboard looks much nicer than it actually is. I'm still working on filling up the shelves, and then I'll give the whole thing a last bit of aging.

I also reorganized my workspace. I haven't really posted about this space, because it's usually a complete mess, but it's been staying slightly neater lately. My workspace is a little alcove in the dining room. It has a lot of windows, but gets the most light in late afternoon.  The small drawers on this table hold tools and miscellaneous supplies. The two gold room boxes protect finished projects until I find a spot for them (the large box is actually the Gallery I posted about a while ago.)All my miniature magazines are sorted into wooden holders underneath the table. The white shelf on the left holds spray paint and various solvents.
Behind my chair are larger drawers holding larger supplies like paint, leather, fabric, and landscaping foam.


  1. I really liked the cupboard as it is. I believe it will be beautiful when you finish it.
    I loved your workspace!

  2. Wow you work is to tidy now :),....mine usually is a mess too...LOL

  3. Hola, fantastico armario, me gusta mucho la idea de puntos y rayas.
    El rincon de trabajo es muy limpio y cuidado, el mio es asi de vez en cuando, jejejej
    Un beso

  4. Un sitio estupendo para trabajar..El mio ¡ni se parece....! Hugs.

  5. Oooh that looks so warm! I think its so nice to see a fellow miniaturists workspace. And yours looks so homely and with all the windows to give you good lighting. We all encounter the necessary reorganization every now and then. That comes with wide variety of goodies needed. You seem well organized there! Well done, but do you have trouble too, finding stuff afterwards? I always seem to miss look for weeks before I have a mental map where all materials and stuff is to be found :)

  6. Wow, very nice workspace, I want one just like it ;) I like it when its organized, but I do mess it up really fast =)