Sunday, September 25, 2011

One Man's Trash...

I found this little plastic baby doll carriage in a bin at my local dollhouse store. It was marked 25 cents, so I bought it. I knew it would be an easy project.
 Here it is repainted. I added a bit more distressing than I usually would, so that the toy would look well loved.
 I used to hate painting eyes on dolls. They are so tiny, but if they look wrong, it wrecks the toy for me! I used to redo them countless times. Then I figured out a very simple method which looks surprisingly realistic. Use artist quality acrylic paints, because they less transparent than craft paints. Water down white paint until it is quite runny, but only a bit translucent. Paint the white of one eye with this. While the paint is still wet, dot the pupil in using slightly less watered down black or dark brown. The white and black/brown will mix around the edges of the pupil, creating a fairly realistic blue-grey or brown iris. Just repeat for the second eye, then add eyebrows, lashes, and any other details you want.


  1. What a fantastic buy. It is a beautiful little pram. Thanks for the tip with the eyes.
    Hugs Maria

  2. I love what you have managed to do to a tiny plastic toy. It looks very old and perfect for a nursery!

  3. Wonderful transformation! And the little doll is so lovely, eyes included :)