Friday, August 26, 2011

Dabbling in Intrigue

 Awhile back, I saw a photograph of a secret poison cabinet hidden inside of an old book. The idea stuck, and I decided to try a miniature version. The drawer pulls are made from brass pins (the pulls had to be low-profile so that the book would close.) The bottle and jar were miniatures I had stashed in a drawer.

  I used textured wallpaper for the outside- I would have loved to have used leather, but didn't have any thin pieces large enough for the whole thing. I used model ship rope on the spine. On the whole, this piece  is a little large to be a 1/12th scale book, but I really wanted to have enough space inside for the poison supplies.

 I think I've mentioned before that I don't take notes on most of my miniature projects. Well, below is the proof that I don't plan well either. This is the post-it where I drew the drawer and cubbyhole layout, and started to figure out all those important measurements- until I decided I'd just figure measurements out as I went along. Thank goodness for very precise rulers!

I still need to fill the drawers, add some leather straps to the cubbies to keep the bottles in place, and add a clasp to the outside of the book to hold it firmly closed.


  1. This is the sort of inspired miniature I just love. Unique and really fun!!!

    I have a book safe. It really looks like a real leather bound one. Inside is a steel box that has a key.

    I wish I had known you needed paper thin leather. ;-( I have lots of it in several colors.

  2. Very clever and very well done too.

  3. Original idea¡¡¡
    Felicidades por plasmar tan bien tu idea, buenas manos
    Un beso