Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Slacking Off

This another doll Mom made some time ago. She's one of my favorite, because if I were in her shoes, I'd probably sneak off all the time to read while I was supposed to dust too! I'm not sure why her face looks so shiny here, it's plain porcelain in real life. Unfortunately, I'm writing this post on the fly, so I don't have any better pictures.
On an unrelated note, I discovered this box the other day stashed away in my supplies. We finally around to clearing out the alcohol in our house a few months ago. None of us drink, so whenever we got it as a gift, it was usually just stuck in a particular cupboard and forgotten. While we were going through the cupboard, I spotted this great box. It's very shiny silver printed with black, and the various designs are lightly embossed.
I hoped at first that some of the top squares could be painted dark to look like cast iron fire backs, but the embossing is too light to really show up much when the design is painted out. But the silver finish can be dulled down to a pewter look by rubbing (dry brushing) dark grey paint over the top. There are a few designs that would work well for miniature shields, and a large cross that could work in a chapel. I'm thinking about using some of these pieces in an empty room box I've had laying about for a while, so stay tuned!


  1. La mamá es preciosa!
    Esa caja de "Chivas" tiene muchas posibilidades, gran idea
    Un abrazo

  2. me quedo a la espera de ver lo que haces con la caja...

  3. The doll is beautiful! The box can generate many new projects, good idea.

  4. Yo tambien me escabullo cuando estoy trabajando en casa¡¡¡
    Me encantan esas travesuras, la caja de Chivas es muy labrada, con dibujos preciosos, buena idea, gracias por compartir

  5. La muñeca preciosa y la idea de la caja plateada del whisky estupenda.
    Un abrazo