Saturday, October 27, 2012

An Old Painted Cupboard

I painted this little cupboard shortly after working on the blue and white desk. It was fun to let loose with a few more colors and some heavy aging.  I knew that the glaze I planned to use would tone down the colors quite a bit, so I used a bright combination of brick red, cobalt blue , kelly green and light golden brown on a white background.
I debated the drawer pulls for a long time. I loved the wooden knobs for the cupboard doors, but wasn't sure if they were right for the drawer. I ordered a few different options online, but finally decided that the wooden knobs were the only ones that looked right!

 I love the surprise factor of a painted interior. I can never bring myself to just paint the interior of a piece out in the same color as the exterior. This brick red is one of my favorite colors for finishing interiors. I took these photos before I touched up the edges of the cabinet doors!


  1. Veeeeeeeeery nice work :-) I love it.
    You are very talented, congratulations.

  2. It's looks very nice! (blue - white cabinets work great too!)

  3. Your little cupboard is gorgeous! I agree about the interior, it is a lovely surprise that 'brick red' - beautiful work! x

  4. You are so talented! I love the red interior too.

  5. Gorgeous!! Your detail painting is incredibly impressive! I like the red interior also! -Ara

  6. Gorgeous piece of painted furniture. Your work is delicate and beautiful.
    Hugs, Drora

  7. Beautiful and delicate.
    Bye Faby

  8. You have created a wonderful piece.

  9. Hello Eliza,
    I am always blown away by your paitning skills.
    It is just wodnerfula nd beautifully done.
    Big hug,

  10. What have you painted the cupboard wonderful.
    Your painting is so beautiful and detailed. I'm very impressed.

    You always maken beautiful things.

    Kind regards Alexandra.