Sunday, December 20, 2009

White Christmas

Woke up this morning, and this is what I saw:I love the view from our kitchen after a good snow fall! Hope everyone has a good holiday. We've certainly started celebrating around here!

P.S. Mom made the maid a few months ago. She's one of my favorites.


  1. Pretty view.

    The maid is wonderful...does you Mom make dolls for a living ?

  2. What a beautiful sight for Christmas. Your mom appears to be as talented as you - you're so lucky to have someone who makes such beautiful things for you!

  3. Thank you both. This was only Mom's fifth doll and she's been very shy about sharing them. She's glowing over your compliments!

  4. Beautiful view. We had fresh snow on Christmas morning, but now it has started raining.
    Your mom's doll is wonderful, I love how pristine her apron looks on her black dress. But what is that she is holding? A bottle of liquor? What, drinking on the job? She looks happy enough, haha!
    Best wishes for a creative and happy 2010!

  5. Hi - I love this doll and all the others! She's going to be in a scene with the eavesdropping maid who is on the lookout. It was so nice meeting you. Your Mom's work is beautiful beautiful beautiful. I hope to see you guys again.