Sunday, December 11, 2011


I'm posting photos of some old projects tonight, because my semester is almost finished, and I've been too busy tying up loose ends to work on any new miniatures. I made these dresses a few months ago out of very thin silk. They were really just an excuse to play with all my laces and beads. 
The hangers are only a temporary measure. I'll probably crumple and drape them over beds or screens eventually, which will make the torso of the flapper dress below look a little more natural. Right now, it looks too much like a cylinder of fabric.

  P.S. I just realized that I used the same silks for these two dresses as I used on the fans. The colors in these photos are much closer to the real-life colors of the silks.


  1. You really do create some of the most wonderful and exquisite mini's. :o)))

    Enjoy your break. ;o)

    Michelle :o))

  2. Your attention to detail is incredible, well done on making such perfect dresses.

  3. What a beautiful dresses
    Super chic


  4. The Dress is beautyful. I like it.

    lg Eva

  5. Hi Eliza,
    I just found your blog and i like your mini's very much.
    I love your dresses and wow girl, your so good in painting in miniature!!!!
    From now on i am a follower.