Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Tiny House Makeover

I found the (approximately) 1/144th scale house below at a local show. It was in pretty sorry shape. The porches and gables had (painted brass) dark green trim that had been bent out of shape, and the interior had a very strange musty smell. It had also been furnished with a couple clunky pieces of cast metal furniture. I decided that, between the bad furnishing, smell, and broken exterior trim, it was time to give the house a makeover.
I started by ripping out the furnishings, getting rid of dried up old glue blobs, and painting everything a coat of soft white. I'm leaving the roof and front pieces untouched for the moment, because they will be easy to do after the interior is finished. The cleaning and new paint got rid of the smell, so I started papering.
The floors and walls were in slightly rough shape (visible wood grain, and some gouges from removing the glue) so I used a heavy paper that wouldn't wrinkle over the bad spots. Then I started adding baseboard and cornice trim to the rooms. I decided that the time period of the house would be modern day, so I hand painted some trendy Chinoiserie patterns for the walls of the tiny dining room. I have a few more pieces/details planned for this room, but I think I'll probably switch to working on the living room next.


  1. What a great find! The house is getting beautiful. ;)

  2. It is coming out darling so far!!! I really love it!

  3. What a wonderful piece and I see it will turn to a juwelery under your hands ! Jeannette

  4. The details in incredible! SO pretty.

  5. Fascinating! How did you do that? For a house so small, you managed to make it look so much better. I love what you did with the dining room. The wall painting is so adorable. You're a very creative person, that much I can say.

  6. Love it! How does it open? Hinges? Or does it slide open? Love the dining room wall and your painting.