Friday, March 23, 2012

Painted Table

Lately I've been really enjoying working on furniture. I've posted about the sofa and chair I reupholstered, and the knobs I changed on Pheobe's dresser. This table was just a fun project.

 This kit was a Christmas gift which has been sitting in my kit drawer for the last few months. It was much easier to paint the base colors while the table was unassembled. The apron got a few coats of blue , and the table top and legs were painted off white.
 I assembled the table before I'd figured out what I wanted to do on the top. Measuring those wedges and filling them in with the blue would have been easier while the table was still in pieces, but I managed! The decorative painting is really fun to do- it's like doodling with paint. I actually used a lot of gold on this table, but it didn't photograph well. Those brownish spots along the table edge, for exmple, are really gold!


  1. Beautiful, I love the soft colors too.

  2. I also love the colors and the design. That is one wonderful doodle!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)

  3. I love this - I've played around with painting real furniture with mixed results, but maybe I will do better in miniature!

    Jennifer B.

  4. It looks great and reminds me of some of the great paint on Tynietoy!

  5. You done a fantastic job on the table I love it.
    Hugs Maria

  6. I love painting and I know it is a "patience work"! Fantastic work, great!
    Kind regards, Ilona

  7. You have done a great job, the colours are lovely and the details are so delicate. It really goes to show what can be achieved with a kit.
    Well done, your efforts have really paid off.

  8. Hello Eliza,
    Fantastic job! The table looks beautiful and professionaly done.
    Very well done!