Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Mother's Dollhouse Part 2: The Kitchen

Last time I showed the exterior of my mother's cottage. Today I'll show you the kitchen.
Mom seriously loves kitchen things! Before she got her own dollhouse (this one), she was always sneaking extra things into the kitchen of my dollhouse. In fact, when she first got this house we agreed she could shop from my kitchen! 

There was one thing she wasn't allowed to take though. Years and years ago, I fell in love with an Amanda Skinner mouse. I wouldn't give mine up, so mom had to get her own. She ended up buying eight! Now there are mice hidden throughout the house for people to try to find. 
The center table is set up for making butter. The doll came from England. Mom and I had wanted to take a trip there for years, to see Jane Austen's house, Queen Mary's dollhouse, and shop for miniatures. About six years ago, we finally got the chance to go, and it was an amazing trip. We ended up going all through the Cotswolds and stumbling across several dollhouse shops. We each found some real treasures. I brought back several plates for my kitchen plate rack, and the brass bed for Phoebes room (ending a two-year search!). Mom brought back this doll and a miniature watercolor which is upstairs.

Mom made the kitchen stool as well as the sink.  The slate sink is made of wood, covered with putty to give it the right texture. I just finished a "lead" cistern to hang above and hold the water supply (not shown.) 

More photos of the cottage exterior can be seen here.


  1. This is awesome inside and out. I adore those roosters!

  2. This kitchen goes very well with the style of the cottage. This kitchen is amazing.

  3. This kitchen is wonderful and very detailed.
    Bye Faby

  4. The kitchen is lovely. So many wonderful details. Thanks for the photos.


  5. très belle cuisine, avec de jolis détails !