Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Revisiting an Old Project

You may remember this project, since I've shown it (half finished) before. But I'm really pleased with the way that these paint boxes came together at the end it's only thanks to Mom that these are done.
The photo below was how the paint box looked the last time I showed it. I actually made several of these at once, since I had the supplies to make these boxes out already. I built the paint box to fit around an eyeshadow tray. The box was looking good, but the tray needed a brush.
Since I'm terrible at finishing projects, the paint box sat like that in a drawer for months waiting for paintbrushes. Finally Mom spotted them while we were going through my supplies looking for something else. She couldn't believe that I'd left them unfinished for so long. She lined the trays and made the brushes for me that night. I love the paintbrushes she made!