Friday, April 13, 2012

Two Projects

I don't have much to show at the moment. I usually photograph my miniatures at home, and write these posts at school, so I haven't had a chance to finish and photograph the bookshelf I posted last time yet. I have another reupholstering project in progress as well, but the photos for that didn't turn out well, so I'll have to put it off until I go home in another a week or so. In the mean time, here are some fun little groupings I put together.

I made everything on the makeup tray, with the exception of the tray itself. The little blush brush was a bit of a pain, but I love the way it looks on the  tray.

Everything in this account book scene was made from scratch. I'm slowly building up a good collection of beads for perfume and ink bottles, but I can't believe how expensive a short string of beads can be! Fortunately, I only need to use them one at a time. I've also found some inexpensive beads in the dollar store. One $2 'crystal' bracelet makes a whole lot of perfume bottles!


  1. Looking fantastic! Love the perfume bottles :)

  2. The makeup tray is just gorgeous, you ddid a great job of the little brush. I just love the account book, its so authentic looking. Well done.


  3. Beautiful makeup tray. I love the bottles and the little brush is wonderful.
    Hugs Maria

  4. Nice work, especially like the perfumes and little box, and the blusher brush is very realistic.

  5. Beautiful works, Eliza! I also love to work with scratch and then make a brand new miniature of it. That is my creative challenge: inventing new technique (I hope you understand what I mean, because my English is not correct;)). Your work is wonderful, also I love the "used" look!
    Kind regards, Ilona

  6. its realy nice to see these paper works pictures