Thursday, April 26, 2012

Something Weird...

Do you ever get the urge to make something really strange in miniature? I've been wanting to make a

a collection glass eyes ever since I read a book in which the villain had a collection.
I used the largest no-hole beads I had on hand. I stuck the beads to tape and gave them a few coats of off-white. Dots of brown,green and blue for the iris came next, followed by a black pupil. When the paint dried, I coated the eyes thickly with gloss medium, and then glued the eyes into the cases. The glass over the cases has an antique look, which makes it particularly hard to photograph.

This was definitely one of my crazier projects!  I have no idea what to do with them now that I've made them, since they are too macabre for my pink house. I guess they'll go into a stash drawer for the moment: I'll find a use for them eventually!


  1. Oh they are really macabre but well made.
    I sometimes have that too, suddently feel the urge to create something. When i make it, it turnes out better then normal. Well the eyeballs will come in handy in the future....maybe you can make a project around it.

  2. Pretty amazing ! personally think you are just trying to make sure we are reading ! Wasn't somebody making a Sweeney Todd house?

    I guess my making a ouse on the back of a truck isn't a typical miniature either.

  3. Wow, they are really macabre and well done! Keep them in the drawer to find a place in another project! Never throw them away like me, because than you have a lot of searching for it when you needed them. Like I did :)!
    Kind regards, Ilona

  4. Macabre, but a great job!
    What will you do?
    Bye Faby

  5. I like your eyeballs! Maybe there's a little dark spot in every one of us.. =D

  6. Thought i was the only one with that same weird urge haha. I love 'm! Treasure them, they are a really fun object! And pretty too (is that possible?? pretty eyeballs? :D ) They are a perfect fit for any "Cabinet de Curiosity"