Friday, September 21, 2012

Having Fun with House of Miniature Kits

In between making tiles, I needed to take a break and make something different. I decided to put together a House of Miniatures desk kit. It seemed only natural to paint it blue and white.
Whenever I had to pause to let another batch of tiles dry, I would pull this desk out and add a few more flourishes.

 I knew I wanted to use a different color on the inside of the desk and drawers. I went back and forth between a pale terracotta red, and sage green ,but ultimately decided I liked the softer look of the green better.
There are still a few things for me to finish up. I need to add the hardware, (the white pulls on the drawer were a temporary experiment), finish out the inside of the desk with a few cubbies and more decorative painting. I'm also on the fence about whether or not to age the desk. At the moment, I'm leaning towards adding a few scuffs and darkened corners, but I'll hold off until I'm sure. What would you do? Would you age it, or keep it as is?


  1. Hi Eliza, I think the desk is fantastic i love the decoration and also the colour you have chosen for the inside, as for adding a few scuffs i personally think it makes furniture look more realistic and used whatever you decide it is still a wonderful piece of work.

  2. Very pretty Eliza! I like the colours with the sage green on the inside, it complements it so well (and they are all colours I love). Yes I think I would age it, but very very subtly so that it does not take away from the pretty painted design.

    I also liked your tile work in your previous post. I know how much work that is, I've done so much of it these past few years! I am just getting myself charged up to start on tiling the kitchen in my own dolls house, we're talking two thousand tiles or so...!!! Oh I really don't want to think about it ;-)

  3. Lovely, you did a great job painting it. Blue & white is one of my favorites!

  4. You are so talented! I love this piece of furniture.

  5. Ohhhh quelle pièce magnifique!!!!!!!! remarquable!!

  6. Great job! Love the colour you choose.

  7. It's a masterpiece! I like the colors and drawings.
    Bye faby

  8. Gorgeous! You hand painted the whole thing?? Wow - have have great attention for detail! Love it! -Ara

    1. Very nice desk!.
      Personally, I usually like to make my furniture look older. But your colors are so bright and nice...perhaps I'd age it slightly in the bottom part.

  9. Your desk is beautiful, you must have a very steady hand to get all that detail looking just right. I would have to age it, using folk art antiquing medium and raw umber, rubbed off again to leave just a hint of dark colour in the nooks and crannies, lightest on the centre of the design.

  10. Hi Eliza, wow it looks stunning, I love it !!

    Hugs Mieke xxx

  11. Hello Eliza,
    I would not touch it, it looks so wonderful and charming. Great job on the painting. The colors are beautiful and your design is awsome.
    Big hug,

  12. That's lovely. I think it lends itself to a few scuffs.