Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Cozy Attic Bedroom

As a girl, I always loved the character Pheobe from Lousa May Alcott's novel Eight Cousins. In the book, Pheobe is a maidservant who becomes a successful singer, and ends up marrying one of the sons of the family she use to work for.
So when I found a pretty maid doll for my house, I had to name her Pheobe. I've taken a little liberty with her backstory. My Pheobe's sweetheart is a sailor rather than a son of the household. There are several scrimshaw trinkets (made by BoneArt)  he's sent her scattered about the room.
The brass bed was a two year search. The only ones I could find were the wrong size, badly made, or far too elaborate. I finally stumbled on this one during our trip to England. A local shop (now closed) used to carry the crocheted blankets. I plan to move one of the blankets around eventually, when I finish the crazy quilt I'm slowly embroidering.
This little writing cabinet is one of my very favorite miniatures, but I've never found it a true home. It was painted by Rosemarie Torre.
This ironing board has a matching dummy wearing a half-finished dress. It was a birthday gift from the uncle who built this dollhouse.
The dressmaker's dummy is tucked behind the dresser. Can you see the tiny birds hiding in the wallpaper? This wallpaper is my favorite wallpaper of all time. The problem is, I have no idea who printed it, or if it's still available. I mislaid the manufacturer information about a decade ago, and it's never turned up again. The only thing I remember is that it was patterned after a real historic wallpaper.  If anyone knows where I might find more of this paper, I'd love to know.
I've been gradually filling this work basket with sewing supplies. The knitting done on pins is incredibly tiny.  I just wish I could transfer it on to the sweet little wooden knitting needles. If the hatbox it sits on looks a little tattered, the wear is legitamate. It was made by my mother for her childhood dollhouse! 


  1. Beautiful pieces. I love the brass bed and the exquisitely painted writing cabinet. Wonderful treasures all.
    Hugs, Drora

  2. The writing cabinet is a lovely piece and I can't wait to see the rest of this room.

  3. You are a lucky girl with such a beautiful writing cabinet in your small house!

  4. The bed is very nice! I like how it is made. That little writing cabinet is a beauty to behold. I enlarged and searched for the birds. Had you not mentioned there were birds, I would not have known. They are probably more discernible in reality .It's probably my eyes. It is a lovely wallpaper and I can see why you would like more of it.

  5. Lovely room, beautiful wallpaper and so many details to feast the eyes upon. You could transfer the knitting by using a sewing needle threaded with sewing cotton so you don't lose the stitches. Slip the stitches one at a time onto the sewing needle and then transfer to the lovely wooden knitting needles. Alternatively, knit a few rows straight onto the needles using some pretty sewing thread.....

  6. Hi Eliza,

    You have taken so much care in all the items you have chosen through out your house. Each one beautifully crafted and relevant to the space it's given. I had a close look at the wall paper and I could see the little birds...the bird cage then ties in beautifully.It is such a pretty room, full of femininity.

    ml Fi xx

  7. That writing desk is beautiful! I like your selection of items for the room. Very nice.

  8. These pieces are wonderful, especially the little writing desk.
    Bye Faby

  9. Love your things! I envy that your family is a part of your mini room. That has to be fun to have a family who understands your hobby...obsession? LOL