Monday, July 1, 2013

A New Beaded Handbag

 I mentioned this morning that I had finished a beaded handbag. Well, after making several handbags with straps, I wanted a little change of pace. I decided to try making a clutch. It turned out better than I was hoping!
 Since the clutch is slightly smaller than the other handbags I've made, the beading went a bit faster. The one thing I regret is not adding a gold border around the blue diamond in the center of the bag to highlight the diamond shape. I guess it's true that blue and green should never be seen, at least when they are micro beads right next to each other!
 Since I wasn't planning to add a chain strap, I only needed two thicknesses of cardboard (rather than the usual three) to fit the hardware on top.

 I'm tempted to make some sort of shadow box to display some of the bags, but I have so many unfinished projects, I'm wary of starting yet another one.
I've started working on a second clutch- black with gold swirls. Pictures of that next!


  1. Love your purses I finally made one - didn't turn out so good but it was a 1st try - thank you for the instructions

  2. A very sweet little clutch, and I love that background wallpaper.

  3. Lovely dainty clutch. They are so pretty I think I will finally use your tut and make one soon.

  4. Lovely clutch! For those who cannot manage to make the proper "o" on the head pin to attach the chain strap (as you demonstrated), I have discovered that using an "eye" pin works really well. It only requires that the eye loop be opened slightly to slip on the chain, squeezed shut an then bent at a right angle. The loops are perpendicular to the bag instead of parallel, as you did it, but it looks fine. Try case you run out of head pins. :-)

  5. Hi Eliza! I used to sing that rhyme of " blue and green should never be seen, together unless in the washing machine". This was while I was in grade school and for YEARS I believed it. Now, I wear what I want as long as it is presentable. Your little clutch is adorable and you have done a really neat job of making the lovely pattern with the beads. Great work!