Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Painted Bookcase for the Nursery

There are several pieces that have never had a good home in the nursery. The silver cup and porringer, along with the bent spoon I made over, have been moved countless times. It occurred to me that an unfinished wooden bookcase I'd purchased from Bed Miniatures was just about the perfect size for the long and narrow room. 

I added feet made from Tiny Turnings, then got to work on the painting.  I based the  flowers for the bookcase loosely off the flowers from the curtain fabric (below). I didn't want to copy the fabric exactly, but wanted it to have that same delicate feel.
The post describing how I made the nursery's balloon shade can be found here
You can see in this photo how the cheap metal of the bent spoon looks different from the silver pieces. I'm thinking that a little silver rub'n'buff may help the spoon blend a little better.  The walls of the nursery are hung with fashion plates, which you can just see in the photo above. I got really interested in the full size versions when I was around twelve, so of course my dollhouse had to have them too! 
I filled the lower shelf of the bookcase with readable books. I've had a little box of books just waiting to fill a bookcase. I went through and picked out the most youthful titles for the nursery.  The Teddy bear had been hanging out in the playroom, but I like him much better down here. He's one of my favorites, and he was getting lost in the crowd of bears in the playroom. For some reason, I've never been a huge fan of teddy bears in real life, but I have a hard time saying no to the miniature ones!


  1. This bookcase is very special. Great work.
    Greetings, Faby

  2. Another lovely work of art. You have an ability to transform very simple furniture into something stunning.

  3. You really did a great job on the bookcase. As far as the spoon. I just tell a story like...spoon doesn't match because it is an heirloom from the great-great grandma. LOL
    I am the same about the bears, not crazy about them RL but have many in miniature. LOL

  4. Que gran trabajo de pintura has realizado,el mueble ha quedado precioso!!!!

  5. I like the bookcase and the idea that the spoon is a handmedown from a great aunt who carried it with her from the old country

  6. Hello Eliza,
    It looks wonderful. It is a beautiful piece of furniture and really adds to the room. Great work!
    Big hug,