Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Painted Dresser Quandry

I bought this little chest of drawers unfinished. I'm still messing about with the decorative painting, but I'm starting to get an idea of the finished look. I never quite know how any of my painted furniture will turn out until it's done, since I tend to just jump in with paint and start doodling. One thing that won't be on the finished piece are the rose-painted knobs. I couldn't decide what to do with the drawer pulls, so I just hurriedly dabbed on some pink and green, thinking I'd paint the inside a soft green (similar this desk I painted last year) But, thinking back to other projects, I realized I have a tendancy to pair blue and white with various shades of green (my first painted piece of furniture used this color scheme). I impulsively decided to  paint the drawer interiors bright red instead.
I'm also still trying to decide whether I like the "aged" look of this chest or not. I used a little drybrushed paint to dirty up the white, but now I'm wondering whether I went too far. The blue and white swirls (and the red!) are bolder than my usual look, and it's really throwing me off. I keep trying to tone the flourishes down, then deciding I like them better darker, then second guessing that again! I'll probably end up sanding down and repainting this thing five times over before I make up my mind!


  1. Hello Eliza,
    It is a lovely chest. i think the dirty up is well done, but I know that if the artist is not happy it's back to the drawing board.
    Big hug,

  2. I like it as it is but it's up to you! I love the designs on it.

  3. I like the designs on it.
    Greetings, Faby

  4. I like it, it looks well used and have a great eye for color :)


  5. Hi Eliza! I really like the pattern on the drawer fronts and the muted and muddied ground color. I am glad that you left the knobs plain as it doesn't distract from the main decoration. Placed next to a simple dressed bed this piece will really shine!


  6. I think it is unique. The design is different than what I have seen elsewhere.