Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Small Before and After

Last night I did a quick makeover.
I've had this little bent baby spoon in my nursery forever. I don't even remember purchasing it! It's not an expensive one. It's made of cast metal, and not particularly well done either. If it were on it's own that wouldn't be a problem, but  I have it sitting next to a delicate sterling porringer and cup from Peter Aquisto. The craftsmanship of the sterling pieces just highlighted the chunkiness of the spoon. It's always bothered me that it
 I used a small set of metal files to reshape the spoon. The bowl of the spoon is quite shallow, and I didn't have any tools to deepen it.  However, I was able to reshape the outside of the bowl, so that the edges are thinner, giving the illusion of a deeper bowl. The biggest difference came from getting rid of the excess metal on the handle. The files left some scratches and rough surfaces, which I scrubbed off with steel wool.
Last of all, I buffed the spoon with a silver-polishing cloth, which brought up a bit more shine than the photo shows. The cheap metal is still a slightly different tone than the silver pieces, but at least it won't look as out of place. I have a few more little updates in mind for the nursery, so I'll take prettier photos once I've made a bit more progress!


  1. Wow, Eliza! With a bit of whimsy you got a piece completely renovated. Nice job!

  2. Hello Eliza,
    That is a wonderful transformation. Excellent work!
    Big hug,

  3. you turned trash into treasure! well done!


  4. What an effort for something so tiny. But it paid off! :-)

  5. Hi Eliza! It is All of those teeny tiny details that end up making the biggest and most profound difference to final picture! Well done the spoon is really 'dishing it up' now!


  6. Great thinking and a super result!

  7. What a great idea! I never thought to try improvements to metal objects, but now I will! Thanks for the tip, Eliza!