Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Surprise Gift

Life has taken a few crazy turns lately, and it all came to a head over the last week. I think the chaos is nearly at an end, but posts may be a bit inconsistent for the next few days. The other day, Mom surprised me with a tiny present...
Mom is a bit obsessed with David Edwards' tiny miniatures. Her kitchen has a bunch of his wooden pieces, if you look closely. She was lucky enough to buy one toothbrush for her cottage years ago, before David Edwards' work became so difficult to purchase in the U.S. While he is still making miniatures, only a tiny bit of surplus stock is for sale online.  Unfortunately, Mom's toothbrush disappeared several years ago, during a spring cleaning, and was never seen again.  She's been searching for a replacement ever since.
(I took a million photos of this scene, and could not get the toothbrush in focus. Sorry!)

A few weeks ago, Mom found a woman who was selling three of the toothbrushes. Two are going back into her cottage, but she surprised me with the third. I've placed it on Pheobe's dresser, for maximum visibility. The only other options were the vanity or washstand in the master bedroom, and the vanity was too crowded, and the washstand too hidden.


  1. Life has a habit of throwing a few crazy turns at us now and then. I hope all is okay. What a lovely gift from your Mum. The toothbrush is exquisite and shows up well on Phoebe's dresser.

  2. Uma preciosa escova de dente, tão pequenina! Lindo cenário em miniatura do lavabo.
    Abraço de Fernanda do Brasil.

  3. it's lovely and fits the scene perfectly!


  4. Wat een prachtige tandenborstel. Juist dit soort details maken een kamer helemaal af.

    Groeten Xandra

  5. It is a very realistic looking piece and adds a nice detail to the scene.
    A Big Mini Hug

  6. It's perfect in your scene.
    Greetings, Faby

  7. Hello Eliza! I also love David Edwards pieces and I once had a tiny thread holder with an assortment of silk threads on tiny wooden spools that I purchased at a show in Seattle in the 90's. LOST! Don't know when or how just LOST. Maybe it will surface somewhere down the line..... ? Meanwhile, Your little toothbrush is a real treasure and I like the way you have it where it can be easily seen and appreciated. How have you secured it? Glue or sticky wax?


  8. Hello Eliza,
    I hope all goes back to normal. Your mom is so sweet. What a great toothbrush.
    Big hug,