Saturday, May 11, 2013

Details From Mom's Georgian Cottage Kitchen

I haven't shown much of Mom's dollhouse recently because she's been busy with other things. But it occurred to me that I've only ever showed a quick overview of the kitchen, which didn't begin to do this detailed room justice!
 Mom built her sink from balsa wood and real miniature bricks which she chipped and sanded to look old.  I was in charge of finishing the sink to look like stone. I used a combination of glue and wood putty to get rid of the wood grain and mimic the texture of slate. I also made the "lead" cistern above the sink out of cardboard. Mom used a few of my paper tiles as a backsplash. Can you spot the Amanda Skinner mouse? There are eight of them hidden throughout the house.
 Mom found this same doll twice on our trip to England! The first time, the doll was in the personal collection of the shop owner, and wasn't for sale. The second time, fortunately, Mom was able to purchase her.
This cupboard is nearly hidden behind the stairs, but it holds several more treasures, including a few favorite pieces by David Edwards.
Over by the fireplace, the high chair is by Brian Long and the jelly cabinet by Johanna Scarborough. The David Edwards egg rack is one of Mom's favorite items. Just above the highchair you can see one of my salt boxes.
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  1. me encanta es una maravilla, los muebles geniales.
    Un abrazo.

  2. I love how you did the sink. Thanks for sharing that. It's an amazing kitchen and I love how you finished the salt box.

  3. It's a beautiful kitchen.
    Bye, Faby

  4. Awesome job on the sink!Your Mom's kitchen is so detailed :).

  5. Hello Eliza,
    You are such an incredible suo...both so talented!
    I love your moms kitchen! It is so perfect and so incredibly realistic...incredible!
    Big hug,