Sunday, May 5, 2013

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

While going through a drawer of junk the other day, I came across a cheap old compact mirror. The plastic case was already broken,  so I had no hesitation about pulling the mirror out and using it for miniatures. Since it was an oval mirror, I thought the easiest way to "frame" it would be to turn it into another venetian mirror.

 I used the same process as with the small, 1/2" mirror tiles from the tutorial, but since the compact mirror was larger, some of my frame pieces got a little too large. The shiny paper mimics mirror most effectively when it's used for pieces 1/4" or smaller.
To break up the largest sections, I cut a few smaller swirls to stack on top of the frame. It's not as effective as if I'd made the pieces small from the beginning, but it definitely helped! I still need to glue the frame to the mirror, which will get rid of that dark shadow around the mirror edge, but I'm debating adding a few more details, and want to finish those first.


  1. You have made a beautiful mirror.

    Greetings Xandra

  2. Great job! Really beautiful!

  3. Hello Eliza,
    It is absolutely beautiful. It looks so rich and elegant.
    Big hug,