Monday, May 13, 2013

Details From My Mother's Georgian Cottage Kitchen, Part 2

We spent yesterday playing with my young cousin, so it's just going to be a post full of leftover photos today.
 This cabinet along the back wall of Mom's kitchen is a vintage commercial piece made by Reminiscence. While most of Mom's furniture is handmade, she does have four or five Reminiscence pieces scattered about the house. For some reason, they just seem to fit in her cottage! Can you spot the mouse in the photo above?
 The blue and white porcelain piece in the fireplace was made by Henny Staring-Egberts.  I can't remember the proper name for this fire cover, but Mom loves it. There's another mouse barely visable in the upper left corner of the photo. That one was made by Rosie Duck. With all the mice running around this kitchen, it's a good thing the bread is safetly stored overhead in a hanging crib.
One last little detail I'd completely forgotten about until I was taking photos. These Stokesay Ware plates are difficult to see until you really bend down to look in the house. Hope you've enjoyed this peek into my mother's miniature kitchen!


  1. Привет!
    Очень реалистично! Супер!

  2. Hello Eliza,
    Not only his her work incredible and beautiful, but the time spent on research to come up with some of the great details must have been huge. Please congratulate your mother on my behalf!
    Big hug to you both,

  3. It's lovely, Eliza! It is so very well thought out and it is filled with so many little treasures.

  4. What a lovely room. It's full of many interesting pieces especially the fire cover (curfew). I have never seen a delft cover before. The examples here are either black metal or copper.

    Thank you for the link to the site, it's got some lovely things.

    I found the mice!

  5. Your mother's cottage is utterly charming Eliza, and once again I am impressed at how you and your mother are a compliment to each other. Both sharing and caring and enjoying a hobby together. Can it get any better than that!?