Sunday, May 19, 2013

Where I've Been: a 1930s Dorm Room

I spent the last two days hanging out at my old college, helping my little brother begin packing up his dorm room.  I visited a lot of my old haunts, saw a few people I knew, and just had a great time. As we were packing, I snapped a few photos, which I thought I'd share.
One of my favorite things about living at Sarah Lawrence was the dorms. The college has a few traditional dormitories, but most of those were built in the late 1920/ early 1930s and have hardwood floors, Jack-and-Jill bathrooms, and other great details. Even better are the dorms in converted houses.  In the 1970s the college bought up houses in the surrounding area to house more students. The house/dorm above is one of my favorites!
I lived in this dorm during my sophomore year. That big second floor window to the left of the door was my room!
The college didn't do much more to the houses other than put up a few walls to make more bedrooms, so they have a lot of character. This section of the old kitchen was left untouched in Peter's house.
Peter's room is a tiny single in one of the converted houses. He's a bit obsessed with the 1930s, so walking into his room is a bit like walking into a time machine.
Don't believe me? His toiletries are above. His toothbrush is made of bone and boar's hair, he shaves with a straight razor (in the black case below the red harmonica box) and restores vintage lighters (next to the harmonica box) for fun. 

This Eastlake mirror is Peter's baby. We never know what he will bring back from the flea market. Sometimes it's an antique like the mirror...
...other times it's something like these antlers, affectionately known as "Bambi." The photographs and NRA (National Recovery Administration) poster are just computer printouts in thrift store frames.
I can't show the rest of the room, since we'd already started packing and created a huge mess throughout the dorm before I thought to take photos. I hope you enjoyed this little tangent. I'll be back in the miniature world for the next post!


  1. Hi Eliza! What charming accommodations! I can see why you have feelings of nostalgia when it comes to your sophomore year. I find it interesting that your brother enjoys the ritual of shaving and that he has chosen to indulge himself with something that no doubt takes much more time to prep than a quick slather from the can of shaving cream and the disposable razors! Good for him! I imagine that getting his toiletries replenished is not the easiest thing to do but how unique and individual for him to pursue what gives him pleasure and probably also a better shave!


  2. what a charming must have been nice to go to school there


  3. What a delightful house and cozy room! Your brother must have been very happy going to school in such a lovely place!