Friday, January 15, 2010

Christmas is over, the new year is well underway, and I'm still back somewhere in November mentally. I usually decorate the dollhouse for the holidays, but this year, I didn't even think of it until three days after Christmas. Luckily, the children living in my dollhouse have more than enough toys already.

The rocking horse was one of the first handmade miniatures that I fell in love with. I spent a good portion of the summer cleaning the attic to earn it. On the day that my mom took me to the shop, I was so nervous. I kept imaginging that it was already sold, or even worse, that I'd walk into the shop just as someone else bought it! My uncle brought the clogs back from Amsterdam.

These little dolls are sweet! The two round wooden dolls came from a local shop that closed a few years ago, but I'm not sure about the large doll.
The fireplace is halfscale. I replaced the original painted grey brick with an antique tile pattern that worked well in the room. The screen was a quick project a few years ago. The brass tools on the right came from my mother's childhood dollhouse!
This is one of my favorite bears. Sitting like this, he's only half an inch tall!

There are all sorts of things tucked away in the corners of the playroom! Many of the toys were gifts from various relatives.


  1. What a lovely collection you have! I love the meaning they all have for you. Miniatures with a story are the best!

    groetjes evelien

  2. Everything is beautiful. I like a lot the roching horse and the bear. Is it a miniature dollhouse that we see next to the rocking horse ? You will have to show more of it.

  3. Thank you both!
    Evelien, I'm really lucky that my mom also has the miniature bug, and my extended family puts up with our madness! So many great stories come from sharing this hobby.
    Geneviève, I'll definitely show the little dollhouse sometime soon!