Thursday, January 21, 2010

Two Micro Projects

I made this pocket watch for my brother's girlfriend. She needed a secret lab!

This fairy couple is an old project made from HO railroad figures, so it's a little bigger than my normal 1/144th scale. I gave the girl a new pink skirt made of paper flower petals, and a curly thread wig. They both have brass wings (with pink and blue accents). I still need to add lots of details to the landscape. I'm thinking a snail or two, and lots of 1/12th scale flowers.


  1. How wonderful - and wonderfully tiny!

  2. You fairy couple is too lovely. If you hadn't told that they are railroad pictures I wouldn't have realized. It is superb how you customized them.

  3. SO cute! Thank you for sharing these works. I just fell in love with the first one.