Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Gallery

I rarely think about where my miniature paintings are going to go. As a result, I've had several painting laying about, waiting for a home. Finally, I decided to make a temporary home for these paintings. We've had this generic gold room box in storage, since mom's original plan for it didn't work out. It's an odd shape, too shallow for much furniture, and either too tall or too short (depending on the way that it's turned) for a regular room. It was perfect for my needs though!

I really didn't want to buy anything for this room if I could help it, so I tried to re-purpose things that have been kicking around without a home.

I have no patience for making miniature flowers. I've never understood why, since I can work on mini scrap screens for hours one end, but one little rose aggravates me beyond all belief. Needless to say, I was very pleased to find these loose flowers at Eileen Godfrey's.

The table is plastic, believe it or not! I love the barley twist on the legs. The purplish vase began as a red and gold porcelain jar. It was very pretty, but I was never going to use those colors. I used my collection of truly horrible shimmer nail polishes to give it a new glaze. It reminds me of carnival glass.

I used shirt cardboard for the floor, with a couple heavy coats of varnish over the top. The statue pedestals also got a bit of black acrylic marbleizing, though I'm happier with the floor.
The chair had an awful glossy red stain when I found it in Eileen's bargain bin. I got rid of the finish, then did a bit of reshaping with sandpaper.
More about the paintings tomorrow!


  1. Very nice! Your photos don't enlarge for me when I click on them, so I'm hoping you'll show close-ups of the paintings tomorrow. They look great from afar!

  2. You made a wonderful setting! I really like the style of your pictures too!

    groetjes Evelien

  3. Thank you! Pictures of the paintings are up now!

  4. I like the idea of having a gallery and changing some items now and then. I think your new golden chair will look good here.
    Love that little table, I would never have guessed it is plastic.